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Kristy Larch

My practice is grounded in dignity, strong communication, and understanding each individual's needs and goals allowing us to focus on how to meet those needs consistent with the individual's values. I enjoy practicing in a thoughtful, responsive, and proactive manner.  Conflict management, Divorce, separation, parenting, support, asset/liability division (family law) have been my dedicated focus areas. My background involves Collaborative Law, mediation, arbitration, litigation, and  un-bundled/pro se services, allowing me to work with a broad array of individuals and family law issues.  


How I practice

My practice focuses on individualized solutions. Many of my clients choose the Collaborative Law process as well as other out of court settlement processes. Others choose strategic negotiation based litigation. The focus is on creating a durable settlement agreement that minimizes post-separation/divorce conflict.

Practice Areas


Family Law

Each family is unique. From who is in their family and how they define their family, to their aspirations for their children's well being (when there are children) and their financial management. It also involves relationships within communities which continue to exist after a family experiences divorce or separation. Individuals often desire to maintain or transform a variety of relationships as the couple separates. How individuals participate in the business of their separation is key to their broader goals. 

Collaborative Law

This is a formal process that supports creative individualized solutions for divorcing/separating individuals. It involves mutual decision making, transparency, dignity, and durable solutions. The clients and their professionals are supported by a clear contract (participation agreement), road map, and ethics protocols in this statutory process. It is the only process other than litigation that is formally recognized and supported in the law. 

Other Out of Court Processes

These process choices involve a combination of unilateral actions and mutual actions between the individuals involved. The individuals may engage in mediation to resolve their matter. They may communicate through attorneys or use attorneys in the background for drafting and legal or procedural advice. They may never go to court and will enter final orders by agreement. Others   may experience few or frequent court appearances. Clients and attorneys can work well enough "out of court" to stay out of court. However, these "other" processes can end up in court so the attorneys involved should have a solid understanding of the court system.  

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Parenting Resources

Parents can use a co-parenting coach or a child specialist to create a plan for their children and their parenting. This professional is shared by both parents and is a "neutral" professional. 

Financial Neutrals

These individuals work with clients by agreement to ensure the clients have a shared understanding of their assets, debts, budgets, and provide tools for a thoughtful and shared financial plan during and after divorce/separation. This professional is shared by both clients and is a "neutral" professional. 


A mediator is hired by both clients and helps the clients reach a negotiated settlement. There are varied approaches and settings for mediation. The mediator is not a decision maker. The mediator skillfully facilitates the negotiations between the clients. Mediators have a variety of professional back grounds, styles, and settings. Services and skill levels vary.  


An arbitrator is a paid decision maker. Most often someone with respected expertise in her/his area of law. Clients may select arbitration for privacy or efficiency. 

Court Orders

Most individuals will want or need court orders even if they reach an agreement out of court and even when there will be private aspects to their agreement. An order is needed to end a marriage, provide for legal custody (even if shared), provide for support involving children regardless of the agreements around such support. 


Individuals can electronically file a Petition for Divorce, Legal Separation, non-parental custody, parenting and support on line in some counties.  You are advised to consult with an attorney before filing a Petition.